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Physicians may be searched by name, city and/or medical specialty under the Physician Search. The physician’s address, telephone number and specialty are listed. Physicians who participate in a group practice are listed by individual physician name.

Participating hospitals may be searched by name, city and/or specialty under the Hospital Search. Ancillary providers, such as ambulatory surgery centers, radiology centers, laboratories and physical therapy, are listed under the Ancillary Search. These providers have agreed to provide services to you to maximize your in-network benefits.

Every effort is made to verify the accuracy of this directory. It is possible that providers may have changed addresses, phone numbers, group affiliation, or may have been added or deleted from the directory. Physicians who practice with multiple groups may not be a participating physician with every group. To verify information, you may contact us by phone, fax, or email. The numbers for those services are listed under the Contact OSMA Health page.

Network providers have contract renewal dates which may differ from your health benefit plan effective date. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the continued availability of any listed provider. The provider network is subject to change during your benefits plan year.