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    People you know.
    Coverage you can trust.

Are you searching for a doctor or hospital?   Get started now.

Choose the coverage from people who share your idea of what it means to truly, passionately want to make a difference.

You learned a long time ago that simply telling patients that you care isn’t good enough. So you show them how much you care. Every day. And every sleepless night. Taking that one extra minute . . . that could mean a lifetime to someone else. Thinking beyond what’s expected. And raising the expectations.

It’s not that you have to do the things you do. But it’s those very things that separate you from the rest.

That’s the philosophy behind OSMA Health – the health benefits program created by physicians, for Oklahomans . . . and available exclusively to members of the Oklahoma State Medical Association, their employees and their families.

At OSMA Health, we believe in the power of a shared vision. We look toward the future, with the same focus and determination that drives you every single day, to make a difference!